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We just released the Magento Invoice Pdf Generator  Free for Magento CE. As you may see here at the moment you can do a lot of stuff with the new extension. You can use variables in the templates, you can customize the description and so on. We decided to add s small how to here in order for you to be able to use the Invoice Pdf Generator to add barcodes and qrcodes.

The code you need to use is like this:

<p><barcode code=”Your message here or variable” type=”QR” size=”0.8″ error=”M” /></p>
<p><barcode code=”{{var ea_invoice_id}}” type=”UPCA” /></p>

This needs to be added in the template without the editor, in html format.  The supported formats are:


Barcode type code X-dim H-dim Light margin / Quiet zone





EAN13, ISBN, ISSN 0.33 25.93 11X 7X 0


UPCA 0.33 25.91 9X 9X 0


UPCE 0.33 25.93 9X 7X 0


EAN8 0.33 21.64 7X 7X 0
Intelligent Mail barcode IMB 0.508 3.68 3.175 3.175 0.711
Royal Mail 4-state Customer barcode RM4SCC 0.508 5.0 2 2 2
Royal Mail 4-state Customer barcode (Dutch) KIX 0.508 5.0 2 2 2
POSTNET POSTNET 0.508 3.175 3.175 3.175 1.016
PLANET PLANET 0.508 3.175 3.175 3.175 1.016
Code 128 C128A, C128B, C128C 0.381 10 10X 10X 0
UCC/EAN-128 (GS1-128) EAN128A, EAN128B, EAN128C 0.381 10 10X 10X 0
Code 39 (Code 3 of 9) C39, C39+, C39E, C39E+ 0.381 10 10X 10X 0
Standard 2 of 5 S25, S25+ 0.381 10 10X 10X 0
Interleaved 2 of 5 I25, I25+, I25B, I25B+ 0.381 10 10X 10X 0
Code 93 C93 0.381 10 10X 10X 0
MSI (Modified Plessey) MSI, MSI+ 0.381 10 12X 12X 0
CODABAR CODABAR 0.381 10 10X 10X 0
Code 11 CODE11 0.381 10 10X 10X 0

More documentation can be found here:

For the qrcode you need to this class and added to the library located under your site root folder „/lib/mpdf/qrcode”. The you be able to generate the qrcodes in the invoice.

The next versions of the  Invoice Pdf Generator will also offer you the ability to send the invoice to mail and will be available in the customers account.

The Pro Version will include pdf pints for credit memo, shipping and products. You will also have the ability to select the customer group for sales print outs and the attribute set for the product print out.

If you need support or customization do not hesitate to contact us at




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